We know that the dominance of several languages is key to the cultural exchange of idea and knowledge, therefore we emphasize the learning and practice of English as a second language, and in middle school French as an additional language. Both are taught in a dynamic, interactive and participative way with international standards. We are the only school that has the Full Immersion English program for KI and KII, in which the little one is surrounded by an environment in English, with classes spoken  100% in English, to help the child assimilate it naturally, in addition to learning basic vocabulary and the first structures.
From KIII to 6th grade, the student is in a bilingual environment where half of the day classes are taken in English and the second language is taught with a communicative approach; promoting fluency based on four language skills (speaking, reading, listening and writing), as well as teaching CLIL (Content Language Integrated Learning) content.

Our bicultural Junior High has subjects taught in English such as History, Geography, among others; We promote Cultural Exchanges with the United States, England and Canada and French is taught as an additional language. With this, we aim for the student to soak in the culture and practice the local language in context.

Certifications throughout the school year range from Cambridge exams (YLE’s, Young Learners Exams, Starters and Movers for second and fourth, respectively), to the Main Suite (KET and PET) for 6th and 8th grade; plus the TOEFL for our 9th grade students. For more than twelve years we have hosted these exams, which make it possible to certify the competence of English as a second language based on international standards.

For French, for over a decade we have counted with the support from the French Alliance, who recruits, trains, and coordinates teachers that help our students not just to speak the language but also to prepare for the DELF exam, an exam recognized by the European frame (Marco Europeo). The study plan of French Alliances is composed of severals levels, each one validated by a diploma and international recognition, and has in aim to unite language and culture in learning, so that every student can truly communicate. It is important to mention that our strategic alliance provides our educational community with discounts that range from 25% to 50% for those who wish to accelerate their studies of the French language, during their evenings, in the French Alliance facilities.

Coelgio Cuernavaca