At Colegio cuernavaca we count with a tradition of more than 32 years of educative and multicultural excellence. We are committed with the Morelense community to bring our children and youngsters a high level human and academic training ( with policies of affordable costs), so  they acquire solid knowledge, self-confidence and social commitment.

Our educational environment is based on respect and tolerance. We encourage significant and collaborative learning, and we help in the development of logical and critical thinking. We also have a Psycho Pedagogical Department that helps us to accompany both the student and the parents, to achieve true tripartite education between school, parents and teachers.

Throughout the  last years we have had outstanding scores in the PLANEA and in the Olympiad of the Children’s Knowledge tests, that the SEP applies and again of 36,000 student we achieved 1st  place among all private  elementary schools of the state of Morelos, an achievement that was directly recognized by the president of the republic.

Coelgio Cuernavaca