100% Bilingual Education with International Certification

We have a dynamic system that allows the student to appropriate the English language through the use of materials designed for teaching it as a second language (ESL). We have academic counseling from North American universities through the “Student-Teacher” program where bilingual scholars (from institutions such as Texas A & M, Texas State University, Columbia College, among others) teach English to our students. The goal is to exchange cutting-edge ideas and methodologies with our teachers.

To strengthen our curriculum, we have incorporated programs specially designed to enrich our students’ learning in the most significant areas of knowledge according to their grade levels. Some examples of these powerful cutting-edge educational tools are:

Constructive Mathematics

We implemented in our daily work a mathematical model that facilitates and reinforces meaningful learning (CIME); Which favors the manipulation of ludic materials (strips and geo planes) to arrive at the abstraction of formal mathematical language, with which the student will have the possibility to design his own methods and strategies for solving problems related to everyday life.

Reading and writing workshop

This program offers the development of reading, creative writing, film analysis, music therapy and interculturality, conservation of thought and pre-Hispanic traditions, and environmental culture to encourage critical analysis and free thinking, as well as love of books and interest in the creative production of their own stories, articles and reflections that are published in the school newspaper.


We have a computer lab with state-of-the-art technology where you can learn and practice the software necessary for daily use, as well as “Enciclomedia” for High Primary, and enough equipment to work individually. We believe that our students learn by playing and reviewing in a fun way the contents of science, mathematics, history, Spanish, among others.

• 50% English and 50% Spanish
• Cambridge University Certification (Starters, Movers, KET, PET)
• Myon reading platform
• Special learning programs and tools

• Use of strips and geoplanes
• Reading and writing classes
• School Accompaniment
• Computing

• Dance
• Music
• Hearing and language
• Pre-literacy skills

Coelgio Cuernavaca