Educate and train successful people who contribute and enrich society in an environment of values.

Our mission is to provide academic and human excellence training based on multicultural education with solid knowledge, confidence and social commitment. Based on an integral educational program, students are endowed with skills; values ​​and knowledge that help them develop their self-esteem and fellowship, as well as sensitize them with their social environment and Mexican roots. We are convinced that education is the most important engine of transformation in our society and that working for it means contributing to the healthy development, in all aspects, of our social environment.

The education we offer is based on competencies, which seeks to enable the student to re-build the knowledge acquired to face a particular situation and be able to propose a solution or make decisions about the possible course of action. Our philosophy is to educate in a holistic environment, rejecting the mechanics of behaviorist conceptions, and interactively integrating values ​​and knowledge.

The coat of arms of the Colegio Cuernavaca is a flower whose petals signify life, transformation, evolution, love of nature and others. At the base are the initials of the College (two C’s found) that protect and favor the growth of the flower (representing each of our students). In the upper right corner is the slogan of the School for 33 years: “Your walk to success”


To be a model institution with local, national and international recognition for academic and human excellence, forming happy global citizens, generators of social projection and transformation.

Our THREE Promises:

  • Knowledge for our students.
  • Self-confidence, for them to manage themselves with a great attitude towards their goals.
  • Social commitment that awakens their conscience and allows them to transform their environment in a positive way.
Coelgio Cuernavaca