At Colegio Cuernavaca

We focus on providing quality education; our commitment to you is to foster life in harmony and collaborative work among our students, parents and teachers.

Our school accompaniment program is designed to actively involve parents in their children’s daily lives; so that together, we can achieve  a favorable environment of integral development and meaningful learning for our students. We carry out integration workshops to promote healthy coexistence among our students; but above all, we promote the acceptance of the being and the respect that must exist towards others. We involve the parents in the project of life and identity, which aims to give student  a real global wide view of the different professions and tasks that are done on a daily basis in the laboral world.

At our school, for our parents we invite our community to participate in a  space of reflection,which seeks to offer topics of interest that provide strategies to guide their children, promote social work to instill values ​​from real life experiences that make them reflect and assess their environment, observing the needs of the community.

Together let’s form global and happy citizens, generators of projects and social transformation!

Coelgio Cuernavaca