Karate workshop

It is taught in a formative, competitive and disciplined way. It is based on a highly structured program that goes according to the ages, capacities, development and stages of each practitioner, developing both fine and coarse psychomotor skills. This technique helps to form and forge character and reinforces the safety in the student.

We foster and teach respect and discipline primarily. It is important for the practitioner to discover his / her physical abilities and aptitudes in each practice and we achieve in each repetition the improvement in all aspects.

Basketball Workshop

The goal of the workshop is to have fun learning. Its specific objectives are: to expand its sports´ motor skills, to initiate the execution of technical skills, to promote sociability, collaboration and communication, to develop integral education and moral principles.

Basketball should be used as a collective sport for the richness of different situations (sporting and human), that will guide them correctly and will give us excellent results as athletes and above all in their formation as human beings.

Mathlete Workshop

Within the afternoon we have the workshop for mathletes that aims to enhance the logical-mathematical skills in those students who demonstrate empathy towards this discipline and help them to successfully compete in different competitions.
We also have Mathematics and Science regularization workshops where students who are weak in the area can clarify different doubts and consolidate their mathematical and scientific knowledge.

Rhythm and Dance Workshop

In the workshop of rhythm and dance the little ones learn to dance different types of music from pop of the 80’s to merengue and cumbia. Together we develop their gross psychomotor skills that help them perform much better.

Air Dance Workshop ``Feet in the air``

If we fuse contemporary dance, circus arts, acrobatics and theater, air dance arises; where choreographies are performed without the need to touch the ground. With this type of dance you develop very personal things, such as having greater security, confidence in your abilities, overcoming fear and feeling the vertigo of letting go. It is here that they discovered that with the body one can do more than one thinks.

Homework Workshop

This workshop is a space where students can perform their daily tasks with teaching advice. This will allow the creation of quality spaces at home that improve the family life with free hours for extra activities.

Soccer Workshop ``Cuernavaca Soccer``

“Cuernavaca Soccer” is a training school that uses a lot of dynamic, fun and sometimes intense training; We have won different tournaments obtaining first places in all the categories, obtaining the recognition of being a training team of great state level.
But all those triumphs that have allowed us to obtain various trophies and medals do not represent the essence of the project. What is truly important is to have each child overcome their fears, motivating them to fulfill dreams, achieve behavioral changes and improve their abilities in soccer.
Coelgio Cuernavaca