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The educational vocation, the attitude of service, personal attention, respect and warmth are the qualities that distinguish our teachers. Our teaching team covers the academic profiles according to the educational level that it imparts, it has professional certificates such as degrees, diplomas and / or master’s degrees directly related to the areas of knowledge they teach. During the 30 years of service offered by the Colegio Cuernavaca, the directive board has  led the commitment we have to our community through active participation, work philosophy, daily presence, human treatment and the vocation of social service. Thanks to our pre-established colleges and technical advice days (at the end of each month); we have managed to consolidate an efficient working group. Among our teachers we promote continuous updates, These are adminesterd  by experts in the topics of different areas, such as styles of learning, ethical position and civility, workshop of English pronunciation, collaborative work among other topics.


Coelgio Cuernavaca