In order to facilitate logical-mathematical reasoning, we start from the idea that each oerson is unique and has potentials to be further developed, and needs to be satisfied and therefore we propose a constructivist mathematical model  that favors the manipulation of concrete ludics (geometric planes and mathematical strips), to come to the abstraction of the formal mathematical language. By achieving meaningful learning, students will be able to design their own methods and strategies for solving problems related to everyday life.

The school is the precious context to achieve the above based on a pedagogy of excellence and highly efficient Educational Technology that fosters self-learning and creativity to achieve self-confident children and young people capable of competing in contests such as Olympic  OMABAMO, Fermat Competition, National Mathematical Olympiad, organized by the UAEM, Scientific Gangs of CONACYT, among others.

Mexican Olympiad of Mathematics
The Mexican Olympiad of Mathematics disseminates mathematics through contests. It selects and trains teams for the different international competitions in which Mexico participates.
Coelgio Cuernavaca