At Colegio Cuernavaca we teach our students a sense of responsibility to the community and to the environment, since theoretical knowledge is enriched by being referenced to the different existential realities that the human being can face. This task will be carried out through different activities, such as:

• Recycling program for trash and segregation of PET.
• Collection center to help the most needy.
• Visits to asylums and orphanages.
• Business directory for our community
• Coexisting to grow

Human education aims to strengthen the ethical dimension in the field of the principles and values ​​of our students, so a social action program has been designed with a series of activities that allow our students to put into practice all the values of solidarity and generosity.

This year we have carried out the campaign Food for All: food collection (milk, beans, rice and tuna) and Trick-or-treat: helping children like me, UNICEF campaign to support the UN commission in Mexico to promote the education of Indigenous children of Mexico.


Coelgio Cuernavaca